Invalid license

Hello, I have been using some days ago Virtualhere on my NVIDIA SHIELD to connect a bluetooth dongle to my PC and connect my Xbox Controller to the PC, as far as I have readed the free usage of Virtualhere is limited for 1 device, but yesterday it showed a message that my trial license expired, following a comment in the forum I reinstalled the server app and everything works again, but today I tried again to play and it shows me a message in the Client that the server has a invalid license, why is this happening?


Because VirtualHere Server For Android does not have one device for free, it is time limited to 7 uses. You need to purchase either via this website or via Google Play


Ok, with the Android license would be linked with my Nvidia Shield? I mean, in the future if I change to another Android TV Box could I use this license in this other devide?


No its only for one shield


Ok, but I can still formating the shield without losing the license, isn't right?


There is no reason to be formatting the shield. And you will lose the license if you do so. VirtualHere doesnt support that and its best you use some other software instead.