Clone an SD Configuration to Load on Multiple Servers

We want to create four identically-configured Pi4 servers without having to manually configure the networking, passwords, etc. on each individually to save time. Once we configure one device, can propose to copy all the files on its SD card to four other SD cards. Can this work?

While I can test if this works by trying it, these are being installed at *very* remote, unmanned locations and I need them to be highly reliable - as they have been in the past. We are using the standard Server package:

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B



Im not sure that will work. Give it a try and see


No joy. I suspect an image gets it up to be bootable? Thanks for getting back quickly.


I suspect an image might provide "bootability" unlike copying files.



Yes the configuration is a bit complicated there is no single file you can copy to make a duplicate.

I thought there would be a good chance you could just copy the sdcard sector by sector to duplicate the setup. I'm surprised that didn't work. If you want you can see whats happening during boot, if so you need to connect a Serial adapter to the GND/TX/RX pins and use putty with speed 115200 and watch the boot console and see if/where it gets stuck.