Virtualhere usb driver stops Dell TB19S thunderbolt dock from working

I finally saw this thread,…

And it described the issue I am having. My thunderbolt's USB ports would just not work until I uninstalled the Virtualhere USB driver in device manager.

Laptop is a Dell XPS 9520
Dock is a Dell TB19S

Interestingly this does not affect the TB16 dock but that uses an Asmedia USB controller.

Could this be fixed (add some sort of check?, if anything to alert the user that this will stop their dock from working!)


Yes indeed that did fix it, thanks. However could you make that the default? I imagine this will affect quite a few people and they will have no idea that it is virtualhere that is causing the issue. I was dealing with this problem for weeks and had to resort to using a USB C dock because I thought the laptop's thunderbolt port was broken.


No because hcd3 is less compatible with devices. Note this is not my bug it is a bug in Intel's driver.


I mean you could at least throw a warning if an intel thunderbolt dock is installed with intel usbs? Even if it is intel's fault, it doesn't stop the fact that it screws up people's laptops with no indication as to what the issue is (and this is the only software to interfere with it).


Yes ill add it to the todo list to revisit, but i remember from a few years ago it wasnt easily solvable as the driver is changing all the time but anyway...


Could you post a link to the exact Dell Dock? I can only find WD19TBS. Is that the one you mean ?

"Dell TB19S" shows nothing on google