Share Xbox controller via Nvidia Shield to Windows PC

Apologies, this might have been discussed before. I want to use my Xbox controller remotely on a windows pc to use in Flight Simulator. The xbox controller is paired with my Nvidia Shield. I'm running the server on the Shield and the client on the windows PC. The client sees the Xbox controller, but 1) flight simulator doesn't 'see' the xbox controller, and 2) when I use the buttons/sticks on the Xbox controller it still controls the Nvidia Shield.
What am I doing wrong?
p.s. I bought Steam Link Virtualhere and that works perfectly (e.g. with Project Cars 2). Flight Simulator is a non-Steam game.


So you are using an paring the xbox contoller with bluetooth or with the wireless dongle? If its bluetooth, you would need to use a USB bluetooth dongle via virtualhere then sync to that on the windows client side and it should work ok. If its via the xbox wireless dongle is it a similar process, use that via virtualhere and then sync to that on the client.