Client getting error when connecting to X-Keys through Splashtop Device Redirection

We are moving all our equipment to a colocation and use Splashtop to access a local system that then uses NewTek NDI tools Studio Monitor to connect to a TriCaster where your client is running. Your server runs on the local LAN system that Splashtop connects to.

So we use the Splashtop device redirection to get the X-Keys to the remote computer running your server and then use Studio Monitors KVM to get to the TriCaster.
It works locally when the system running the server has the X-Keys connected.

There was an error using this device message pops up when we connect to the X-Keys on the TriCaster running your client.

Is it a Splashtop device redirect to your server/client issue that isn't supported or is this something you can help us get working?

Our other option is to use a VPN to our Sophos FW so that the remote system with the X-Keys is local to the network as my other test system which works.



Hi Rob, In the virtualhere server click Settings->View server log. There will be an error message saying why it didnt work. What does that say?

Generally virtualhere doesnt support redirecting twice so if you are trying to do that its probably not going to work