Logitech Extreme 3d Pro Joystick


Thanks for the great program, most dongles are working for me except for the Logitech joystick on the shield pro. The server picks up other devices like ps3 controller, ps5 controller, rock band dongles, but I get no popup for this one device.

Please advise.



Im not sure sorry, i think maybe that the shield might be blocking it before virtualhere can see it. You could send an email to nvidia support about this and they might investigate. They have done similar things in the past to get virtualhere working better.


Thanks, I was able to contact support, who had me unplug the joystick and then clear cache for the system upgrade app, and the joystick now works as in it lets you control the shield tv menu. Unfortunately, it seems like virtualhere server didn't seem to detect it and pass it along to the virtualhere client. Should I check the logs? It's installed as a service currently so can not see them directly.


No its not virtualhere, its android that is not passing it to virtualhere. I still think its something with the shield android not letting it through.


Okay, not to worry, I'm sure they'll fix it at some point if enough people have the same issue. It's not a issue for me so thanks again for the program and your help!