Error binding device 1

I have 2 Windows 2012sp2 Servers - 1 as server and second as client. I am trying your software under trial license. If all test is fine - we want to buy.
I connected 1 device (USB Rutoken dongle) on server and try connect it on the client side and get an error.

2022-07-26 23:14:18 INFO :Installing server driver...
2022-07-26 23:14:18 ERROR :Server Driver Install->Error (result 1) adding C:\Users\836D~1\AppData\Local\Temp\4\\f5ba2c74-319f-4e17-aa45-b79f87aa51c8\vhsd_USB.inf to driver store, Íåâåðíàÿ ôóíêöèÿ. (0x00000001)
2022-07-26 23:14:18 ERROR :Failed to install driver
2022-07-26 23:14:18 ERROR :Could not install driver for class
2022-07-26 23:14:18 ERROR :Error binding device 1 [0a89:0030] to connection 1, BIND_ERROR


No you need window10 or server 2016 or later