Logitech G27 stops responding for a split second on pi4

I am experiencing the same problem as a few others with a pi4 running Steam Link (connected to a PC) and hard-wired Ethernet. I have a Logitech G27wheel. The wheel just randomly stops responding for about a second every once in a while. I did notice that when I turn off force feedback, the problem seems to go away.

I also noticed that the PC client 5.3.5 seems to be a little worse than 5.0.0 which was installed by Steam. I am using the p4-optimized server, and that is definitely functioning better than the generic version.

I've tried a bunch of settings and nothing seems to fix the problem. I haven't come across a solution that works yet. Any help would be appreciated!


I posted the above as a reply to another thread and then accidentally posted a new thread. Sorry!


Can you log the latency statistics like this: Right click USB Hubs->About->Statistics->Log to file and leave that running. Then run the game and see what the graph/log file shows. You can paste parts of the log file here if you want and i can take a look.


I had 2 events at 7:53, but the latency statistics don't show much:

2022-07-31 07:52:41,Raspberry Hub,4,0.326100
2022-07-31 07:52:44,Raspberry Hub,4,0.311200
2022-07-31 07:52:47,Raspberry Hub,4,0.582400
2022-07-31 07:52:50,Raspberry Hub,4,0.299400
2022-07-31 07:52:53,Raspberry Hub,4,0.451700
2022-07-31 07:52:56,Raspberry Hub,4,0.298100
2022-07-31 07:52:59,Raspberry Hub,4,0.291600
2022-07-31 07:53:02,Raspberry Hub,4,0.305000
2022-07-31 07:53:05,Raspberry Hub,4,0.333200
2022-07-31 07:53:08,Raspberry Hub,4,0.308800
2022-07-31 07:53:11,Raspberry Hub,4,0.355500
2022-07-31 07:53:14,Raspberry Hub,4,0.277000
2022-07-31 07:53:17,Raspberry Hub,4,0.278400
2022-07-31 07:53:20,Raspberry Hub,4,0.489000
2022-07-31 07:53:23,Raspberry Hub,4,0.639300
2022-07-31 07:53:26,Raspberry Hub,4,0.351900
2022-07-31 07:53:29,Raspberry Hub,4,0.319600
2022-07-31 07:53:32,Raspberry Hub,4,0.299500
2022-07-31 07:53:35,Raspberry Hub,4,0.302200
2022-07-31 07:53:38,Raspberry Hub,4,0.549100
2022-07-31 07:53:41,Raspberry Hub,4,0.466400
2022-07-31 07:53:44,Raspberry Hub,4,0.267800
2022-07-31 07:53:47,Raspberry Hub,4,0.305100
2022-07-31 07:53:50,Raspberry Hub,4,0.407100
2022-07-31 07:53:53,Raspberry Hub,4,0.445000
2022-07-31 07:53:56,Raspberry Hub,4,0.858600
2022-07-31 07:53:59,Raspberry Hub,4,0.478700


OK those numbers are pretty good actually.

Could you try forcing the vhusbdarmpi4 process to high priority using renice like this for example:

pi@pi4:~ $ sudo renice -n -19 `pidof vhusbdarmpi4`
577 (process ID) old priority 0, new priority -19

See if that helps


Hi Michael - Thank you the suggestion, and sorry for the delay. I tested with the process priority set to -19, and it seems like the loss of signal is less frequent now, but it still occurs. For example, racing 2 laps in Assetto Corsa in an F1 car, I lost all FFB and control (as if the wheel was unplugged) only twice, for roughly 0.5 - 1.0 seconds each time. The same thing happens when playing NFS Hot Pursuit or Dirty Rally. Below are the specs of my system if it helps:

-Core i7-970 6-core 3.2 GHz (yes it's old, but it still works great)
-12 GB ram
-Geforce RTX 2070
-Gb Ethernet
-Steam Link client on Retropie/EmulationStation (i'm running emulationstation after boot-up instead of going to the OS)


Ok i not sure sorry, im out of ideas. Is the cpu quite loaded (e.g run top) when it happens?