T248 don't work with VirtualHere

Hi, I bought a T248 Steering Wheel today, I use Shadow (cloud computing) and when I connect my steering wheel to VirtualHere, it says "in use by you" but I can't do anything with it. The cloud computer didn't reconize my steering wheel

I also have a joystick but it works perfectly.

Hope you can help me!
Good day - clemphrd


What are you plugging the T248 into, i,e A windows PC? Or an Android Shield or a Mac?


Any news ?


Try this

1. UNinstall all Thrustmaster drivers from your local windows PC and reboot
2. Install the Thrustmaster drivers on the Shadow PC and make sure they are the latest
3. Now try virtualhere and see if that works ok.


I found the problem, i deleted the Steering wheels in the windows settings (below Bluetooth connexion) Now drivers reconize my steering wheels