Not all EV certificate devices are detect by client side software

We have 3 EV signing tokens connected on the VH server (linux), the client VH (windows server) can see all 3 devices, however, the Thales NetSafe Authentication Client will almost always detect only the first 2 devices.

- VH server 4.4.1 (optimized)
- VH client 5.2.7

Would appreciate any information on possible cause and/or what to check?


I use a similar setup when building virtualhere. Can you make sure you are using the latest safenet client. For example i use 10.8 R5

Virtualhere doesnt limit the dongles passed through im pretty sure its some safenet issue


I've updated to latest 5.3.5 same thing, I see the 3 devices in the windows devices and printers screen, I guess it's probably in issue with Safenet, anyway had any similar experience with this?


Are you using 10.8 R5 **safenet** client?


I've updated to 10.8 R6 today (from R5)

I think I'm starting to understand the issue, if I "disconnect" all the devices and then enable them one by one it works, it's when I enable them all at one (use all) then it f's up