VirtualHere client crash on macOS 12.1

Hi Michael,

Thank you for adding Support for MacOS Monterey. Sometimes, I am seeing VirtualHere client crash ( Abort trap: 6) when using USB serial device like Arduino Due, Prolific USB to Serial adapter with VirtualHere client 5.3.4 (installed as service) on macOS 12.1.

$ sudo launchctl list | grep com.virtualhere.vhclient
- -6 com.virtualhere.vhclient

$ sudo launchctl print system/com.virtualhere.vhclient
system/com.virtualhere.vhclient = {
active count = 0
path = /Library/LaunchDaemons/com.virtualhere.vhclient.plist
state = not running

program = /Applications/
arguments = {

default environment = {
PATH => /usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin

environment = {
XPC_SERVICE_NAME => com.virtualhere.vhclient

domain = system
minimum runtime = 10
exit timeout = 5
runs = 1
successive crashes = 1
last terminating signal = Abort trap: 6

spawn type = daemon (3)
jetsam priority = 4
jetsam memory limit (active) = (unlimited)
jetsam memory limit (inactive) = (unlimited)
jetsamproperties category = daemon
jetsam thread limit = 32
cpumon = default

properties = runatload | inferred program | system service

I saved the Crash Report for VirtualHereUniversal. Let me know if this would be helpful and if you want me to email or post the Diagnostics Report.

Also, I have a few questions regarding the OSX client,

1. I am not able to see any kernel messages in console related to “hcd”. Can you please point me to where I can find VirtualHere client messages related to USB connection on macOS (Similar to "vhci_hcd" in syslog on Linux ).

2. Sometimes after the crash, "com.virtualhere.vhclient" service won't start again even after the reboot. Is there any reason why this could happen?



Yes if you could email me the crash log that would be a big help. Thanks mail [at]