Issue with random GC controller input

Hey there,

I've bought VirtualHere on Steam and encountered some issues with my controller. Since I haven't found anything on the forums, I hope I'd get some help here.

I'm using the official GameCube for Wii U adaptater with Dolphin Emulator. Not facing any issue playing with it from my PC (after reinstalling driver with Zadig).
I've set up the emulator to be launched from Steam so I could play from my TV though Steam Link.
Connecting the adaptater to Steam Link works fine. It is recognized and works well.

But when I start remote play to play on Dolphin, the controller goes with random down stick (left one) input. When I disconnect the GameCube controller from the adaptater, or the whole adaptater, the game just received down left stick constantly.
I assumed VirtualHere is sending these constants down stick. I'd like to know how to fix it.

Hope someone knows how to fix it, thanks a lot


I've made a few other tries and realized that, despite Dolphin is working great with GC adaptater directly on my PC, it acts with the same constant down input when I unplug the adaptater while a game is running.
So I guess these inputs through steam link are happening when VirtualHere lost the connexion to my adaptater, when Dolphin considers it isn't plugged in.


Ah ok, also is it the steamlink connected via wifi or direct ethernet cable?


Hey :)
SteamLink is wired via ethernet


I'm trying to see if I can make Dolphin not sending down inputs during micro disconnections. But is there a way for VirtualHere to not let dolphin thinks the adaptater is disconnected ?


No, that is not possible. The reason is virtualhere can only send what the device sends. Virtualhere never drops or duplicates data. It only ever does what the device does.