How to set up VH with Moonlight installed on a Steam Link device?


I'm trying to configure VH for Moonlight installed on a SteamLink to stream games from a Windows PC. I previously used the Steam version of VH (installed from Steam store) but the input lag was awful, especially for racing games using a wheel (Logitech DF GT). I've heard that Moonlight removes a lot of the input lag.

So, I currently have Moonlight installed on the SteamLink and can see the games listed. I have the VH client installed on my PC but it can't see the SteamLink/Moonlight hub - I would expect this, as there is no VH server installed. Can anyone let me know which one I should install (Linux version/CPU optimised???) and how to go about it?

Thanks in advance.


normal vh is not supported on steamlink. Try something like a pi4


Thanks for letting me know. So, does VH work well with peripherals like steering wheels when using on Pi4 (low input lag), compared to using it on a SteamLink?


The pi4 has a very fast quad core cpu and gigabit ethernet. Whereas the steamlink has an old slow single core cpu. Pi4 is much better