hide ip on client

Hello all

I use virtualhere to my full satisfaction, only I have a question, I use a ddns name (noip) with the intention of protecting my ip address, but when I enter my ddns at hostname and then look at properties (in client), there is first the dns name and behind it my ip address (which I don't want) even when I use a vpn I always see my ip address, is there a solution?


Yes, stop and exit the virtualhere server. Edit the server config.ini file and add the line


Then save the config.ini and start the server and it will now be hidden


hi michael
What you're telling me is that other clients can't see each other's ip, I already knew this, I mean basically if someone downloads the client to connect to me, I give them an address (ddns name) so I don't give them my ip address to be able to connect, only works if the client then looks at proportions, sees my ddns name at address and behind it my ip in brackets, and I would like my ip to be invisible there

name: xxx
Version 4.4.1
state: logged in
address xxxxx.ddns.net:7575 (100.123.456.11) this is what I mean my ip I want to make invisible

Thanks in advance


Ok no thats not there. But anyone can just do nslookup or ping that address to see the ip.


yes that's right and do you have the ip address too so it's pointless, thanks for your fast support!