Cannot see (or very slow) WiFi network called CloudHub_xxxxxx during setup

I have setup about five Raspberry Pi 4 Model B's in the last three weeks, and and just now tried to update firmware on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. All of the 4 models took up to 5-10 minutes to see the wireless network using a laptop within 5 ft. Today I cannot even see the 3 model even though I keep refreshing the laptop wifi networks (re-initiating a scan). All was latest firmware. Any suggestions?


I think its your laptop wifi i dont think its the cloudhub.

If you can try looking via your phone or some other device with wifi and see if the CloudHub networks appear quickly there.


That did it. I mentioned this here as I have seen this issue when using different laptops, all of which were relatively newer models (not sure what chipset they have). I am guessing that they may not listen on 2.4 GHz as often as the older laptops and therefore do not pickup the server as quickly. But this is only speculation. Thanks for the quick response.