CloudHub - Problem updating 4.4.1 to 4.4.2

Hi Michael,

I'm using GL-MT300N-V2 and CloudHub image version 4.4.1. When I upgraded the image (via the Windows Client) to the latest (4.4.2), the box did start back up properly. It's using a fixed IP address and wired network and I don't see the device being online and can't ping it.

As the device is remote, I have to go get it and see what happened. For the past year, updates went smoothly and the device came back online okay.

This has happened before only once (a year ago, don't remember the version, you acknowledged it here in the forums).

Thank you for any insights.

Best regards,



Update: After doing a hard reset on the device and configuring it all over again, it is working fine. So the problem is just the flashing process?

PS: If you reset the device to the default settings and you have it connected via ethernet, then the device acts as a DHCP proxy and when I connect to it via the default WiFi (CloudHub_xxx) I obtain an IP from the ethernet network's DHCP server and therefore cannot "see" the device, which does not get an IP address from the network.


One last thing - when connected via ethernet, I've noticed that in the "Server Properties" CloudHub 4.4.1 shows "Interface" as eth0, whereas version 4.4.2 shows br-lan


Ok i just retested this and yes i see it does need a power-cycle after the firmware update. I will investigate this..
Yes i noticed the dns pass through also, i will fix this


A simple power-cycle does not fix this - you need to reset the device to defaults (e.g., via reset button) and reconfigure it again from scratch.


OK i figured out the issues with the gl-mt300nv2. Next update should be smoother.


Thanks, Michael, I'm glad to hear that. If I upgrade from 4.4.1 to 4.4.3 (when it comes out) I guess the update will be smooth again?