My webcam is now hidden in Devices Manager


I wanted to try your product by using it with my webcam.
After a few tests between two PC, and a failure (the webcam wasn't working on the second PC despite the "detection" by your product), my host PC started to crash and have BSOD.

So I decided to delete your product and stop using it. Unfortunately, that wasn't without your apparent incompetency, because now, my webcam is fucked up.
As I said in the title, it's detected but grayed out (hidden). Even by uninstalling it and unplugging it and replugging it, it's not detected correctly anymore.

Help me, you're responsible of this mess.


Thats ok, start the virtualhere server again from the same directory you did before and then exit the virtualhere server and it should be fixed. If not (you might have deleted the original server config.ini file), use the webcam via virtualhere again then stop using (I dont think you will get a BSOD, just dont open your webcam software). and the webcam will be available again, any further issues email me mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com)


It worked ! Thanks a lot.
Sorry to have been rude, but I spend hours each day solving problems on my computer because of bad programming (not saying this is the case here).
You act very professionally by staying calm and comprehensive, and I have to mention it.

It's a very good point for your company, keep the good work.