VirtualHere not loading automatically on Synology DS220+


I have a Synology DS220+ and a USB plugged into it.
Synology is on LAN with 3 PCs.

Months ago I installed VirtualHere on Synology and set everything up and everything was working fine.
About two weeks ago VirtualHere Client on PCs started showing no USB connection.

I've signed in to Synology and noticed that the VirtualHere is installed but is not running. Once I started VH manually after a couple of seconds the USB showed up on the PC Clients and everything worked fine.
The next day the issue repeated, after the manual start once again everything worked fine until the next sleep
Synology is always on, PCs go to sleep after hours.

Synology hasn't been updated, VirtualHere hasn't been updated.

Please advise.

Thank you.


In the virtualhere client right click on the Synology Hub and select Properties and tell me the version it says.




If everything was working and no changes to software were made then its probably some hardware issue with the usb ports or the devices.

1. What version of the DSM are you running? E.g the latest or the beta?

2. If possible can you use winscp to scp to the synology and see if /var/log/virtualhere.log shows any errors


Current DSM version is 7.0-41890
Not sure how to proceed on your second request.


If might be worth a try to upgrade to DSM 7.1 if its not a big deal for you. Otherwise try plugging the usb devices into a separately powered usb hub and then plug the hub into the synology and see if its ok then. My guess is the kernel on the synology has a bug (or there is a hardware issue) and when the usb devices sleep they are not woken up properly and virtualhere crashes.