Thrustmaster Wheel Support


I am using virtualhere to remotly play games and have had great sucess using different types of controllers. However, I recently tried connecting my Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer steering wheel and encoutered some issues. The device is regonized by the host and functions normally for button presses and potentiometer but seems to not work with the force feedback. There is force feedback applied on the wheel but it seems to be random and not accurate with what is supposed to happen.

Do you know if this wheel is known to have issues with virtualhere?

Host: Raspberry pi 4 model b
Client: Windows 10 machine
Ping Latency: 0.5 ms


I havent got any messages about that wheel from other users (and its too expensive for me to buy just to test) My suggestion is to just double check you have the latest firmware that that wheel. Otherwise im not sure of the problem.


Hi Micheal,

I just ran more test and came to these conclusions. The wheel works perfectly fine when running only virtualhere on the raspberrypi. However, when I launch moonlight to stream my game to the pi all of a sudden the wheel starts acting weird. The wheel then goes back to normal instantly after shutting down moonlight. I set the nice value of virtual here to -19 and it didn’t change anything. Moonlight takes 33% cpu usage while streaming. Any idea what could be going wrong?


33% should be OK (the pi can go up to 400%) and VirtualHere is heavily multi-threaded and will use all available cores, so i don't think it is a CPU issue. I'm assuming you are using Ethernet cable with those ping times (dont bother with wifi). If you have a license for virtualhere it might be worth trying the optimized build, but with the pi4 it might not make much difference because the CPU is already very fast.

Have a look at the VirtualHere latency when you have the stutters like this

Open the VirtualHere client, right click USB Hubs->Always on Top then right click USB Hubs->About->statistics and leave that window open for a while and see what the graph shows.


For anyone who has this problem. There is a correlation between having a higher bitrate on moonlight and getting less stable connection. This get s fixes by making sure both server and client are forced to using the same internet speed (in my case setting my host to use 100Mbps Full Duplex fixed the issue). This seems to be a issue with moonlight since doing this fix also gets rids of lost frames on moonlight.


Thanks for the fix information!