Using Android Server on NVidia Sheild with 8bitdo USB Adaptor, what should show up on Windows Client?

When plugging in 8bitdo USB adaptor, the device shows up very briefly then immediately changes to IDLE, or will display USB LAN 10/100/1000 as a device under the Android Hub.
I can connect to the controller and use it, but rumble doesn't work unless I have the adaptor delisted as the device.

I've bought a license thinking maybe trial mode was messing up, tried several sequences of plugging things in, but it still wont recognize the actual adaptor for more than a few seconds.


What does "adaptor delisted as the device" mean?


Well, I guess i wasn't waiting long enough, or I'm struck with the support curse... its working now!
Thanks for replying!


OK weird, but at least its working!