vhusbdwin64.exe not listening on TAP-Adapter for OpenVPN Connections


we're having the issue that the Server Software (Windows 10 Server) seemingly is not listening on the TAP-Adapter after an OpenVPN Connection has been opened.

when doing a "netstat -an" the software is listening on (which should include any adapters) but still the port 7575 is not reachable over VPN.
Is there a way to force the software to listen on a specific adapter instead of ?


You probably have a firewall in the way, virtualhere server will listen on all adapters.


Remember, Auto-Find is unlikely to work over VPN because it wont pass through UDP broadcasts, so you need to specify the USB Server IP address in the virtualhere client.


Hi Michael,

your hunch with the firewall was right. The windows Firewall on that particular machine was blocking incoming traffic.
I also switched to reverse connections for this use-case and now it works like a charm. Thanks for your continued support and this awesome piece of software!