Can't reach hub from one client anymore, works well from another client

I have installed the Virtualhere Server on my QNAP and use 2 clients.

This worked well until recently, now from one client I only get the message "connecting to USB hub2, than this disappears againwhile on the other client connections work well.

In then Systemes Messages window I then discover the message:
"2022-10-18 14:26:45 INFO  :Could not connect to"

Nothing was changed on the system. Any idea, hat goes wrong?




Seems like there might be a firewall in the way, basically something has started blocking that port TCP 7575 from being accessed


Thanks, that was my first thought but couldn't find anything. After your comment I double checked and figured out, that the IP-Adress of the second client was blocked by security roles of the QNAP-NAS.

Thanks for your quick support!