Thrustmaster Throttle T16000M issue


I've got a throttle and stick Thrustmaster T16000M. The stick connects fine every time however whenever the throttle connects on the client it's hit or miss whehter it connects. Most of the time it disapears from the client list and I get an error message.

I get the following error in the log: Error binding device 7 [044f:b687] to connection 3, BIND_ERROR

I've tried removing and reinstalling drivers, I've tried both Windows and the Thrustmaster drivers. I've tried changing the custom event handler: onReset.$VENDOR_ID$.$PRODUCT_ID$= which I saw from another post.

When it does connect it works fine but to get it working I have to unplug the USB lead n number of times before it is successful.




Can you tell me the type of server you are running virtualhere on? I.e where is the thottle physically plugged in. Is it a windows pc, or a linux device?




The throttle is plugged into a ThinkPad P50 laptop running Windows 10 and the client is a gaming machine also running Windows 10 (Shadow Tech). Both machines have had the drivers reinstalled.

Initially the client machine didn't recognise it as a Thrustmaster throttle, though it would still work (when it eventually connected) however with the official drivers it's properly recognised in device manager (when it eventually connects).



So USB selective suppend was disabled already.

I've disabled "allow windows to turn this device off".

When VirtualHere client tries to connect to the device, the laptop device manager now says this re the throttle:

Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)

A request for the USB device descriptor failed.

If I unplug it and plug it back in the device is recognised again.

Usually after 4-5 rounds of add, error, unplug, plug try again, it works.


OK im not sure of the issue