Ethernet options greyed out on Raspberry Pi Zero


I've recently tried using Virtual Here on a raspberry pi zero but can't seem to use a USB to Ethernet adapter to connect it to a network. I can connect to the initial WiFi network that it creates and get to the Configure screen but haven't had luck with 2 different Ethernet adapters (TP link and ANTSIG (bunnings)) in showing the 'Connect via Ethernet' options when in the 'connect to an existing network' setting, they just stay greyed out. I can connect it to an existing wifi network and use a USB device like a Stream Deck but it's not stable, drops out every few seconds so would like to use Ethernet

If my wording is wrong on the settings, it's because I last tried this a month or two ago and haven't been able to try since sorry. Have only got to writing this up now. I haven't seen anything in the release notes that may have fixed it but I have a friend who had it working on much older firmware (pi zero with ethernet adapter, probably at least a year ago) and he tried the latest firmware from a few weeks ago and couldn't connect it with ethernet either so had to revert to the older firmware he had used.

Let me know if there's other information you need and I can try test it out. Server version I had was probably 4.4.1



You need to use raspbian if you want to use an ethernet adapter and not cloudhub, cloudhub only supports the wifi on the pi0w.


Interesting, I had assumed based on an old support post from 2018 that it was supported:

And as a result, the changes in server version 3.6.7 was "* Added driver support for USB->Lan adapters in the Pi0w CloudHub"

Just checking I haven't missed anything, thanks.


no it ends up complicating things too much, it's easier to just get a pi with Ethernet already


Okay I'll give it a go with Raspian and come back if I have any issues. Given the cost and availabilty of Pi's at the moment (and because I knew it was possible with older firmware), that's the reason I got the Pi Zero.

If it was ever possible to make it work again through the cloudhub firmware, I'd support that addition 100%.

Thanks Michael