Plugin Interface for Ableton Push 2

Hi, I have a USB MIDI device that I want to use on my laptop to control my DAW on my pc. I installed the hub on MacOS Monterey and client on Windows 10. When I checked the server log on Mac, it said that it couldn't find the plugin interface for Ableton Push 2. Is there any way to make this possible or is there any chance this device will be supported in the future? Also, has anyone heard of any other usb midi devices working with virtualhere? This would save me a lot of time copying my vst plugins over, while saving ram on my mac, and storage for Ableton if I could control my DAW virtually instead using the midi controller. 

Any help would be much appreciated!



Can you try to use the Ableton Push 2 via virtualhere and paste in the server log here by clicking on Settings->View Server Log->Copy to clipboard