VH Server on Android - Prevent gamepad from controlling OS


I'm trying to use my phone as a wireless dongle for my game controller. VirtualHere works, the controller is visible and functional on the PC. However, there is one catch, the game controller controls both the PC and the phone at the same time (even with the screen off/locked). Is there any way to prevent the game controller from controlling the phone?

I apologize if a similar problem has already been addressed somewhere. I've tried to find similar topics but haven't found anything. However, I find it strange that I would be the only one trying to solve this problem.

Thank you for your help


When virtualhere redirects a usb device from android and passes it to the remote client  -the USB device is not controlling the phone at the same time. It is impossible to do that.

So what is happening is that the software on the client pc is actually controlling the phone. I.e its some setting on your client pc that is feeding the control back to the phone.


Thank you for reassuring me that the problem is somewhere else. My trial license expired during testing, so I wasn't sure whether to buy a license because of the problem mentioned. But now I have decided to pull the trigger and buy the license. I am now testing it again and everything is already fine. I don't know what happened before. I tried to get the DS4 (with wireless dongle) working and had a problem getting the device to appear in the list on the PC. I had to reboot the client/server several times, tried other devices and this reduced my free usage. Eventually I managed to connect the gamepad, tested he on the PC and then noticed that the gamepad suddenly controls the phone again. So that was probably due to my free license expiring, I just didn't realize the connection.

So you can consider the problem solved and I apologize for the confusion. And thank you for the handy tool that VirtualHere is.