Astro camera


I have just tried your trial version with my Astro photography gear and found everything works except my usb3.0 camera. It connects correctly but errors when I try to take an image. I’m guessing that the camera may be too fast for my VH server.

Do you know of a fix fir this.

I’m running the VH server on a RPi4 in 64 bit mode. Client is on a Win10 64 bit. 2.4Ghz network.

Thanks in anticipation.






i’ve done some more testing today and found:

Increasing the usb buffer did not have any noticeable impact. Changing to 32bit - no difference. Changing from usb 3.0 to 2.0 - no difference. The camera is 1.2M pixels at 12 bit max.

My camera errors at any image taken faster than 0.5 seconds. If I set it to loop at 2 seconds, it runs ok for about 1 minute. My other camera is a DSLR Canon which is 10 M pixels at 12 bits and works ok but mechanical so there is a delay after each image is taken. The usb 3.0 cam is a zwo asi120mc which has fast memory and designed to run for hours at about 1 or 2 second exposures.

I’ve not tried installing your cloud server.

Have you any other suggestions to try.



Dont use wifi, use ethernet if you can.


I’m running my PC as a hotspot through a 200mbs @ 2.5Mhz dongle within 1m of the Rpi.



Yes the fast camera works ok over Ethernet. 
I’m guessing your going to suggest using a faster Wi-Fi connection?


Yes :) But i think you should keep using ethernet


A wired, wireless system - why didn’t I think of that :(


:) I think the issue is the wifi on the pi is just not suitable for transmitting the images from your camera in a speedy fashion.

This is why ethernet works, i suspect that since wifi is so slow it just backs up the data transmission since you are taking a picture every second and just overflows the transmission and/or camera buffer because it cant send the data fast enough.