OSX Mavericks not working


after I set up my raspberry pi with the USB server and my MBP (OSX 10.9.2) with the USB client software, neither my Nikon D300 nor any USB stick is going to be recognized in the Finder.

When clicking in the virtualhere client interface on device - properties, the attached device is correctly recognized, e.g.:
Vendor: USB
Product: Disk
Vendor ID: 0x0000
Product ID: 0x0000
Hub: 0011
Port: 0003

In Use By: You

The log file shows the following:
11:59:20 INFO :VirtualHere 2.2.7 starting (Compiled: Apr 18 2014 16:53:36)
11:59:20 INFO :Using config at /Users/thomaskuhn/Library/Preferences/vhui Preferences
11:59:20 INFO :IPC available at /tmp/vhclient
11:59:21 INFO :Auto-find using Bonjour - on

On my Windows 7 machine the same configuration is running fine.

Any ideas?

Kind regards



There is no such device as 0000/0000 i think it is having trouble reading your disk at the server side. Could you do lsusb on the raspberry pi and see what it says there...also take a look at the /var/log/syslog file as that will show any errors on the server. You can send those files to mail [at] virtualhere.com and i'll see if it shows anything.

Also, note, the D300 wont work with the viewfinder in osx because that would use isochronous transfer which doesnt work yet on osx, however the shutter etc should work ok and copying files etc.. (Windows does supports isochronous)