VirtualHere on OpenWRT

I'm trying to configure VirtualHere on my OpenWRT server, but so far I've got no success with simple server configuration.
Could you provide me with some hints, ie how to get these values: ,

I'm not a professional admin - I'm just a determined user, that needs the functionality of this project to be working in my small company :)


I don't know how to get these information: vendor hex value, product hex value, address decimal
I've got my USB card-reader attached to OpenWRT server, but don't know how to get this data...


You dont have to set any values. Just start virtualhere on openwrt, then start the client, plug your card-reader in and it should appear in the list of devices. if you are not using avahi you need to specify the ip address of the server in the client by right-clicking USB Hubs -> Specify...


OK, my server is on, my client is connected to the OpenWRT Hub, but there is no device connected.
Should the reader be plugged in after switching the server on? I'm trying to connect remotely and don't have the possibility to manually plug out and plug in the reader.


You can plug the device in either before or after the server is started, it doesnt matter. Could you take a look at the syslog file on your server. That will say why the device doesnt show...and also make sure the server is running with "ps | grep vhusbd" command


I've reconfigured my OpenWRT server and now USB HUB is working :)
However there's a strange thing - two desktops connect to my USB Smart Card Reader (locally and over Internet) and everything works fine, but on my desktop I get connection (USB hub shows it is in use by me) but I can't get it working (the device is shown in my Control Panel but I can't get connection with it).
This is a new Windows 7 after system reinstallation.
Is there a way I coud find in some logs what is the difference between this desktop and the two others?


There is logging, start the client on the machine that doesnt work like this vhui64.exe -m --log=%TEMP%\log.txt then try to use the card reader. Then stop using the reader after about 10 seconds, then exit the client then send the %TEMP%\log.txt file to mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com) and ill take a look