Cyclic test of multiple ueky connections caused the driver to unload cleanly, and all subsequent ukey devices could not load and identify the driver normally after being connected

The win10 client and server share multiple devices for multiple clients to connect (1200). After the client circularly tests the remote ukey switch connection, the virtual driver will occasionally fail to be uninstalled, and the device has been disconnected, but the local display device driver still exists. When the client connects to the next shared device, it will encounter recognition exceptions, All subsequent remote devices may not be correctly identified. At present, this situation can only be restored after restarting the computer. Is there anything that can be handled without restarting


I think you are saying you have USB keys attached to the server with 1200! clients connected and occasionally one fails to uninstall the redirection driver.

If this is the case can you tell me how many USB Hubs you are using?



The server has four com ports. Each com port counts as a hub, and a hub connects 200 USB devices. These 200 devices are not allowed to be powered on at the same time. You need to connect the corresponding USB device and then power on the corresponding USB port (three ports can be powered on at the same time). After powering on, share the corresponding device, and then connect the vh client. After the operation is completed, close the vh connection, and power off the corresponding USB port


I will respond via email as this is complicated