Trying to connect to a laser to use LightBurn.

Hello there,

I'm trying to connect a laser to lightburn software on a Mac running Ventura 13.1. The server is working on an RPi 3B+, and the client seems to work well. 

When I tried to connect to a USB drive, I got the following (but at least the USB thumb drive connects on Windows and the lightburn connection partially works):

"2023-01-31 19:33:52 INFO  :VirtualHere Client 5.4.2 starting (Compiled: Dec  8 2022 09:22:23)
2023-01-31 19:33:52 INFO  :Client OS is macOS Version 13.1 (Build 22C65)
2023-01-31 19:33:52 INFO  :Using config at /Users/pepe/Library/Preferences/vhui Preferences
2023-01-31 19:33:52 INFO  :IPC available at /tmp/vhclient
2023-01-31 19:33:52 INFO  :Auto-find using Bonjour - on
2023-01-31 19:33:52 INFO  :Auto-find using Bonjour SSL - on
2023-01-31 19:34:00 INFO  :interestHandler mt=3758096641
2023-01-31 19:59:43 ERROR :interestHandler kUSBHostMessageControllerException 0x6. PLEASE EXIT AND RESTART THIS CLIENT
2023-01-31 19:59:43 INFO  :interestHandler mt=3758096656"

The client shows without any USB connection:

USB Hubs

    - Raspberry Hub

And the following when I connect the laser through USB:

USB Hubs

    - Raspberry Hub

             (golden star) USBLMCV4 (in use by you)

Vendor ID: 0x9588

Product ID: 0x9899

Address: 112

Any ideas? 

I really appreciate any help you can provide. :D




OK if it says that message unfortunately its not compatible with virtualhere on mac at the moment. You will need to use windows for the client instead.


Hi, a bit of a similar problem for me.

I am also running MacOS and running v13.1 of the OS.

My application is a USB connected coffee roaster (Which controller is based on an rp2040 pico board).
It works fine on windows.

2023-02-17 18:11:29 INFO  :VirtualHere Client 5.4.3 starting (Compiled: Feb 13 2023 11:22:55)

2023-02-17 18:11:29 INFO  :Client OS is macOS Version 13.2.1 (Build 22D68)

2023-02-17 18:11:29 INFO  :Using config at /Users/XXXXX/Library/Preferences/vhui Preferences

2023-02-17 18:11:29 INFO  :IPC available at /tmp/vhclient

2023-02-17 18:11:29 INFO  :Auto-find using Bonjour - on

2023-02-17 18:11:29 INFO  :Auto-find using Bonjour SSL - on

2023-02-17 18:11:37 INFO  :interestHandler mt=3758096641

2023-02-17 18:11:42 ERROR :interestHandler kUSBHostMessageControllerException 0xb. PLEASE EXIT AND RESTART THIS CLIENT

2023-02-17 18:11:42 INFO  :interestHandler mt=3758096656

I thought you might want to know in case it is a general issue on MacOS 13


Is the pico coffee firmware on github? I have a pico and would like to try this to see if i can reproduce the issue with my similar setup.


Unfortunately not - It is a closed source application in an appliance called Kaffelogic.

Is there anything that could be helpful for me to debug for you then I will be glad to help out

As I mentioned the windows client works like a dream