Client driver not working on windows 10

Hi, im trying to test the software but i cant make the client work.

The server is displayed on the client app but the remote usb device wont load. The driver on the client is on a failed state.

Tried to remove the driver and reinstalling it with -y -d but the same.

Client is on Windows 10 Pro x64 1703.


Client log:

2023-02-01 15:40:43 INFO  :VirtualHere Client 5.4.2 starting (Compiled: Dec  8 2022 10:00:10)
2023-02-01 15:40:43 INFO  :Client OS is Windows 10 (build 15063), 64-bit edition
2023-02-01 15:40:43 INFO  :Using config at C:\Users\user3\AppData\Roaming\vhui.ini
2023-02-01 15:40:43 INFO  :IPC available at \\.\pipe\vhclient
2023-02-01 15:40:43 INFO  :Auto-find (Bonjour) on
2023-02-01 15:40:43 INFO  :Auto-find (Bonjour SSL) on
2023-02-01 15:40:48 INFO  :Drivers are up-to-date
2023-02-01 15:40:48 INFO  :SetupDiEnumDeviceInterfaces failed
2023-02-01 15:40:48 ERROR :Hub failed to open error, No more data is available. (0x00000103)


Windows driver error:

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

An invalid parameter was passed to a service or function.


Setupapi log

>>>  [Device Install (DiInstallDriver) - C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf]
>>>  Section start 2023/02/01 15:29:23.672
      cmd: "C:\Windows\System32\pnputil.exe" -a "C:\Users\user3\AppData\Local\Temp\vhusb3hc.inf" -i
     ndv: Flags: 0x00000000
     ndv: INF path: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf
     inf: {SetupCopyOEMInf: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf} 15:29:23.672
     inf:      Copy style: 0x00000000
     inf:      Driver Store Path: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf
     inf:      Published Inf Path: C:\Windows\INF\oem1.inf
     inf: {SetupCopyOEMInf exit (0x00000000)} 15:29:23.672
     ndv: {Update Device Driver - ROOT\USB\0000}
     ndv:      Search options: 0x00000081
     ndv:      Searching single INF 'C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf'
     dvi:      {Build Driver List} 15:29:23.687
     dvi:           Searching for hardware ID(s):
     dvi:                root\vhusb3hc
     dvi:           Created Driver Node:
     dvi:                HardwareID   - ROOT\VHUSB3HC
     dvi:                InfName      - c:\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf
     dvi:                DevDesc      - VirtualHere USB 3 eXtensible Host Controller
     dvi:                Section      - vhusb3hc_Device.NT
     dvi:                Rank         - 0x00ff0000
     dvi:                Signer Score - WHQL
     dvi:                DrvDate      - 11/16/2022
     dvi:                Version      -
     dvi:      {Build Driver List - exit(0x00000000)} 15:29:23.687
     ndv:      Searching currently installed INF
     dvi:      {Build Driver List} 15:29:23.687
     dvi:           Searching for hardware ID(s):
     dvi:                root\vhusb3hc
     dvi:      {Build Driver List - exit(0x00000000)} 15:29:23.687
     dvi:      {DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV} 15:29:23.687
     dvi:           Default installer: Enter 15:29:23.687
     dvi:                {Select Best Driver}
     dvi:                     Class GUID of device changed to: {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}.
     dvi:                     Selected Driver:
     dvi:                          Description - VirtualHere USB 3 eXtensible Host Controller
     dvi:                          InfFile     - c:\windows\system32\driverstore\filerepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf
     dvi:                          Section     - vhusb3hc_Device
     dvi:                {Select Best Driver - exit(0x00000000)}
     dvi:           Default installer: Exit
     dvi:      {DIF_SELECTBESTCOMPATDRV - exit(0x00000000)} 15:29:23.687
     ndv:      Installing Driver:
     ndv:           Inf Name       - oem1.inf
     ndv:           Driver Date    - 11/16/2022
     ndv:           Driver Version -
     ndv:      Driver package 'C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf' is already imported.
     sto:      {Setup Import Driver Package: C:\Windows\INF\oem1.inf} 15:29:23.687
     sto:           Driver package already imported as 'oem1.inf'.
     sto:      {Setup Import Driver Package - exit (0x00000000)} 15:29:23.687
     dvi:      Searching for hardware ID(s):
     dvi:           root\vhusb3hc
     dvi:      Class GUID of device changed to: {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}.
     dvi:      {Plug and Play Service: Device Install for ROOT\USB\0000}
     dvi:           Driver INF Path: C:\Windows\INF\oem1.inf
     dvi:           Driver Node Name: vhusb3hc.inf:c14ce88474213b11:vhusb3hc_Device:\vhusb3hc,
     dvi:           Driver Store Path: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf
     dvi:           Searching for hardware ID(s):
     dvi:                root\vhusb3hc
     dvi:           Class GUID of device changed to: {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}.
     dvi:           {Core Device Install} 15:29:23.703
     dvi:                {Install Device - ROOT\USB\0000} 15:29:23.703
     dvi:                     Parent device: HTREE\ROOT\0
     dvi:                     {Configure Device - ROOT\USB\0000} 15:29:23.703
     dvi:                          Parent device: HTREE\ROOT\0
     sto:                          {Configure Driver Package: C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.inf}
     sto:                               Source Filter  = root\vhusb3hc
     inf:                               Class GUID     = {36fc9e60-c465-11cf-8056-444553540000}
     inf:                               Class Options  = Configurable BootCritical
     inf:                               {Configure Driver: VirtualHere USB 3 eXtensible Host Controller}
     inf:                                    Section Name = vhusb3hc_Device.NT
     inf:                                    {Add Service: vhusb3hc}
     inf:                                         Start Type    = 3
     inf:                                         Service Type  = 1
     inf:                                         Error Control = 1
     inf:                                         Image Path    = \SystemRoot\System32\drivers\vhusb3hc.sys
     inf:                                         Display Name  = vhusb3hc Service
     inf:                                         Updated service 'vhusb3hc'.
     inf:                                    {Add Service: exit(0x00000000)}
     inf:                                    Hardware Id  = ROOT\VHUSB3HC
     inf:                                    {Configure Driver Configuration: vhusb3hc_Device.NT}
     inf:                                         Service Name  = vhusb3hc
     inf:                                         Config Flags  = 0x00000000
     inf:                                    {Configure Driver Configuration: exit(0x00000000)}
     inf:                               {Configure Driver: exit(0x00000000)}
     flq:                               Hardlinking 'C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\vhusb3hc.inf_amd64_3815256ed91abf0e\vhusb3hc.sys' to 'C:\Windows\System32\drivers\vhusb3hc.sys'.
     cpy:                               Existing file 'C:\Windows\System32\drivers\vhusb3hc.sys' remains unchanged.
     sto:                          {Configure Driver Package: exit(0x00000000)}
     dvi:                          Install Device: Configuring device (oem1.inf:root\vhusb3hc,vhusb3hc_Device.NT). 15:29:23.718
     dvi:                          Install Device: Configuring device completed. 15:29:23.718
     dvi:                          Install Device: Starting device. 15:29:23.718
     dvi:                          Install Device: Starting device completed. 15:29:23.718
!!!  dvi:                          Device not started: Device has problem: 0x1f (CM_PROB_FAILED_ADD), problem status: 0xc000000d.
     dvi:                     {Configure Device - exit(0x00000000)} 15:29:23.718
!    dvi:                     Queueing up error report since device has a PnP problem...
     dvi:                {Install Device - exit(0x00000000)} 15:29:23.765
     dvi:           {Core Device Install - exit(0x00000000)} 15:29:23.765
     ump:      {Plug and Play Service: Device Install exit(00000000)}
     ndv:      {Install Related Drivers} 15:29:23.765
     ndv:      {Install Related Drivers: exit(0x00000000)} 15:29:23.765
     ndv: {Update Device Driver - exit(00000000)}
<<<  Section end 2023/02/01 15:29:23.765
<<<  [Exit status: SUCCESS]


You need to be using at least windows 10 1809