Sharing kinect audio


i'm trying to use VirtualHere to share audio from a kinect which i have connected to a raspberry, i have understood that i could not share the webcam part using the raspberry but i only need audio for now.

I have installed the server on the raspberry and run it without too much problem, i have installed the client on a windows computer, i can see the server and use the "Kinect USB Audio" remote device.

But when i check in the windows Device Manager i can see "Kinect for Windows Audio Array Control" in the "Kinect for Windows" category but there is nothing in the "Sound, Video and game controllers" category where i should find "Kinect USB Audio", and so the kinect doesn't appear in the record peripherical.

Can the limit of one usb device trial mode be responsible for this problem ?

I would be happy to buy a licence if it's the case, but i would like to be sure before buying it.

Thank you!


Hi, i havent used the Kinect myself but i checked out and it seems it is basically an inbuilt usb hub plus 3 devices, audio, video and motor. Im not sure if the driver is expecting the other three devices to be present before it will load properly. Best to post it to the kinect forums perhaps...maybe someone else has tried it


Using USB Network Gate for Windows and sharing only the "Kinect USB Audio" device all is ok (i can see the 2 entries in the different categories in the device manager), so i don't think others devices are needed.

I would really prefer to use VirtualHere as it's available for raspberry, and think the price is more in phase with my needs (29$ is still ok but 90$ is really too much)


OK well if theirs works mine should too :) Can i get remote access to port 7575 on your raspberry pi and ill trace the calls on my windows client and see why its not building the driver stack completely for that device. Send the details if you can to mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com)


Hello Michael,

Did you ever had the chance to look in to this, and get the audio part of the kinect running trough virtualhere?

thanks in advance,



I cant quite remember from a year ago but i do know that the kinect 1 uses a firmware upload procedure which is quite complicated and not compatible with virtualhere.