Failed to read


I just try VirtualHere on my Qnap TS-419P (QTS 4.1 RC3).
When I plug an USB key or printer device on the Qnap, I get an alert : [virtualhere] Failed to read '/sys/devices/virtual/bdi/0:15/uevent', Resource temporarily unavailable

Any idea ?

Thank you.


Yeah, im waiting for qnap to update the version on their website.

1. Remove the 1.8.1 app from your QNAP using the App Center
2. Download version 1.8.3 from here

That will fix that issue. That message is harmless but annoying so version 1.8.3 doesnt show it.


This update did not help to avoid the message. I just see that the 0:15 directory is not created in the Qnap.

Indeed, I can use my Epson V500 scanner and read some USb keys (with Windows 7 client).

Thank you.


OK i will take another look at my code to see the issue. and let you know...