installation sever on raspberry pi

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installation sever on raspberry pi

I installed on my virtualhere raspberry pi with raspbian whezy following the faq described below:

How to i start VirtualHere when my device boots?

For init.d based systems (Raspberry pi, Ubuntu...):

You need to put a startup script into init.d and set the correct runlevel for booting. To do this, please follow the steps below for the raspberry pi:

ssh to your raspberry pi
sudo chmod +x ./vhusbdpin
sudo mv vhusbdpin /usr/sbin
sudo chmod +x ./vhusbdpin
sudo mv vhusbdpin /etc/init.d
sudo update-rc.d vhusbdpin defaults
sudo reboot

but when I launch the windows client "vhui32.exe" I do not find any usb device shared although correctly indicating the IP address of the server virtualhere.

while setting the correct ip address I do not find anything shared, I saw that there should be a config.ini file. This file I have to create it? Where should I put it?
How can I tell which usb device needs to be shared?

How do I check if it be shared?
How can I verify that virtualhere is running?

If I type. / Vhusbdpin from the command line it says file name not found

How can I run it as a daemon resident at the start of my raspberry pi?

thank you


Hi, you dont have to setup

Hi, you dont have to setup anything regarding config.ini. It will be automatic. vhusbdpin is actually in the /usr/sbin directory as that was in step 3 in the list above. So you dont need to put the ./ in-front. You dont need to setup anything else either, virtualhere is automatic and will find what you currently have connected to your pi and that would appear in your client. If you cant see the hub in your client you probably have not followed the instructions exactly. The best way to determine the issue is to do sudo /usr/sbin/vhusbdpin and if the prompt doesnt return then the server is running and it should appear in the client in around 10 seconds afterwards.. Also you can do tail -f /var/log/syslog to see the messages from the server in another ssh session.

dont' work again

Thanks for the reply, I redid everything, cut and paste the instructions, I noticed that when part of the system tell me
"start-stop-daemon: unable to start / usr / sbin / vhusbdpin (no such file or directory)"
but if I send it to launch ssh / etc / sbin / vhusbdpin run the command without releasing errors ..

I still do not see anything from the client windows

To see if the server is

To see if the server is running do

ps -ef | grep vh

and it should show the server running. I think perhaps the server is not running... Do you get a result from that ps command?

ps -ef result

I ran the command here is the result:

pier 2270 2162 0 17:34 pts/0 00:00:00 grep --color=auto vh

we are sure enough that these commands?
I did the same thing on a computer with ubuntu and I get the same result.
ssh to your raspberry pi
sudo chmod +x ./vhusbdpin
sudo mv vhusbdpin /usr/sbin
sudo chmod +x ./vhusbdpin
sudo mv vhusbdpin /etc/init.d
sudo update-rc.d vhusbdpin defaults
sudo reboot

missing some command?

I just double checked this

I just double checked this script, and it works on my pi fine, the server starts on boot no problem. I think you will need to read up on what those commands do, and how to start a program on boot in linux and you will then be able to diagnose the problem yourself as i dont know why you particular pi is not working with those scripts. Perhaps you are not using raspbian and are using some other distrubution...

I need your image of pi

I use raspbian whezy I also tried with ubuntu 12.0 but I had the same problem mica can share with me the image of your most so that I can download it operated, I really need it.

Im not using a special

Im not using a special distribution just the normal raspbian downloaded from the raspberrypi website. I think you need to read up a bit on linux startup scripts as i think you perhaps do not know much about linux and this will help you a lot. Also you cannot run vhusbdpin on a ubuntu computer as that is a different architecture. pi is ARM, desktop is intel i386 or amd64

I make computer systems

I make computer systems analyst for 15 years, I do not think I need to learn how the booting of linux I know him pretty well, and I think I've done everything I have described in the guides so obviously missing something. Given that your version may not work will share with me?

Pier, i've pretty much said

Pier, i've pretty much said what needs to be done, there is nothing much else to add. if you know what you are doing then you should already be able to debug the problem...I dont have a special version, i downloaded from the raspbian website and the vhusbdpin binary from my website.


This is the log of my client

17:13:16 INFO :VirtualHere 2.4.0 starting (Compiled: Jul 28 2014 19:47:20)
17:13:16 INFO :Using config at C:\Documents and Settings\Pierluigi\Dati applicazioni\vhui.ini
17:13:16 INFO :IPC available at \\.\pipe\vhclient
17:13:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:14:00 INFO :connect select timeout
17:14:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:14:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:15:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:15:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:16:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:16:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:17:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:17:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:18:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:18:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:19:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:19:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:20:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:20:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:21:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:21:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:22:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:22:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:23:23 INFO :connect select timeout
17:23:53 INFO :connect select timeout
17:24:23 INFO :connect select timeout

Yes its letting you know that

Yes its letting you know that it cannot connect to port 7575 which i assume is where your pi server is meant to be at. It retries every 30 seconds hence the repeated messages...

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