Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM on android hub

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Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM on android hub

Im trying to connect a usb midi cable to my samsung galaxy s4 with usb otg support, but I only get a "Qualcomm CDMA Technologies MSM" device. There must be something wrong.


Hi, i think the reason it

Hi, i think the reason it does that is because your kernel is not compiled for usb host. My phone (nexus 4) does the same thing.... If you can get a kernel with usb host enabled it will work.

Hi Michael, I'm using

Hi Michael, I'm using CyanogenMod 11 and was already able to connect a Ethernet Adapter, a HDD and USB Gamepads to that Phone. It must be something else.

OK well that should be ok,

OK well that should be ok, does logcat say anything? If there is an error i write to that.

Thanks. You can close the

Thanks. You can close the thread. I havent got the time to look into this further and I will sell the phone.

Hi Michael,

Hi Michael,

I'm experiencing this issue, too. It's on an Android phone using an OTG cable. I'll see about getting you a log.

OK, it will probably say why

OK, it will probably say why in system messages in the app, post that here

My guess is these system

My guess is these system messages have been purged since we tested. This is all that's showing in the system messages. This is a friend's phone attempting to connect to my PC USB client via reverse client initiation via IP.


OK, that log unfortunately

OK, that log unfortunately doesnt show anything, which is weird because i just do a logcat for that process.

Anyway if possible just to test try using a powered usb hub between the phone and the usb device, maybe the phone usb is not providing enough power to start the device, some otg cables have a second usb type A coming from one end of the cable that provides an extra 5V 500ma power to the otg to combine with otg 100ma power. My otg cable has that so it works with more devices

Sorry, haven't had a 2nd

Sorry, haven't had a 2nd chance to test again with my friend's phone. We don't have a USB hub to test, but the OTG cable has it's own micro B USB port to supply power. Here's the device:


OK thats good you probably

OK thats good you probably need to use that extra otg port for power also

We tried again and verified

We tried again and verified the power supplied on the micro usb port on the OTG cable does not power the phone, but does power the controllers or other OTG devices. The phone has to run on battery I guess.

Regardless, we didn't see much difference. The virtualhere client made the connection and the "CDMA Technologies MSM" devices was listed. I could click "Use", but nothing happened and the detailed view showed "not used". Here's the server log:

-----------------beginning of main
I/vhusbd (20478): Thu Mar 3 02:36:56
2016 LOG_DEBUG connected

Then it went blank after some time and came back with this:

--------- beginning of main
W/InputEventReceiver(20478): Attempted to finish an input event but the input event receiver has already been disposed.


OK i dont think that phone is going to work unfortunately. Its really strange that it shows nothing in the system messages. Basically im just calling logcat which should show more than that. I think somehow the defaults on that phone dont allow virtualhere to run but there is no way to determine why not as the log is empty ...

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