using virtualhere in an ltsp environment

Not sure if this has been brought up before or not. I'm considering moving to use an LTSP server whereby each Raspberry Pi connects into the LTSP server to remote into a Windows (VDI) desktop. My plan was to have the Virtualhere client running in the Windows image to allow a USB device connected to the Pi to be seen in the Windows VDI image. Not even sure this is doable since I would have to ensure that the LTSP desktop sees the USB connected to the Raspberry Pi. Assuming I'm able to have the LTSP desktop see the USB device on the Pi....would Virtualhere be able to run for each user on LTSP?

I've built our LTSP using Ubuntu 14.04.

Thank you.


I think as long as the VDI is "virtual machine" based it should be ok.

RDS "session based on RDP" wont work for per user usb sharing...only globally


Thank you for the repsonse. The virtualhere client running on each individual Win7 Virtual Machine is working well and I don't think that will be my issue.

What I'm working on is running an LTSP server with Fat Clients connecting to the LTSP Server. I want each client to run the VirtualHere software to connect to their assigned Windows virtual machine. I've successfully installed the VirtualHere Server on my LTSP server (chroot). I've connected two Raspberry Pi Clients to my LTSP server and confirmed that virtualhere is running as a service on each Pi. I can see the Raspberry Pi in virtualhere from the Windows VM so clearly this is working for me.

One thing I have noticed though is when I 'Use' a USB device connected from the Raspberry Pi from the Windows VM, it takes a very long time to add that USB Stick (in this test) to the Windows VM. I can only assume that using Virtulahere from the LTSP server is slowing dowin the inital connection.

With the slowness I'm unsure at this time whether or not I will use virtualhere with LTSP but But I can report that this is working for me which is great news!



Yeah that slowness is the usb disk transfer. It asks for a bit of information at a time, therefore network latency is important, the lower the better.


What if I am not connecting a USB stick to my raspberry pi used a fat client on my ltsp server...shouldn't that be faster. I have USB weight scales that I connect to my Windows VM that transfer data from the scale via virtualhere. We have a big beefy server at work to run our ltsp server on with separate NICs (although it's a flat network). My test here at home has high latency so perhaps it will be quicker at work.

Thanks for the comment Michael.