virtualhere on qnap ts 119


I'm trying virtual here on my qnap nas. It doesn't show up... when looking the /tmp/vhusbd.txt, it shows this message :

/share/HDA_DATA/.qpkg/VirtualHere/vhusbdq: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Tue Sep 9 21:54:05 CEST 2014 Failed to start

It is described as enabled on the qpkg page... How can I solve the problem? Thanks.


What is the version of qts you are running on your box? I think it needs to be at least version 4.1.0? That should be supplied with that version of QTS.

Log into your qnap via ssh and run this:

find / -name "libdbus*.so"

The result of running this on my QNAP TS-120 (QTS 4.1.0 build 20140612) is the following:



I'm running version 3.3.2 Build 0918T (the last one available for ts 109...

is there a way, although the result is :

[~] # find / -name "libdbus*.so"
find: /mnt/HDA_ROOT/rootfs_2_3_6/proc/1717: No such file or directory
[~] #



You would need to install dbus and avahi which you would need to compile yourself from source for arm.