USB HID device (card reader) not working

I've been trying to get a USB card reader working with VH installed on a RPi. This is the first device I've tried that hasn't worked right off.
The device shows up in the client and I can connect to it. It just doesn't transfer any data. I have the OEM drivers installed and I know that they can communicate with the card reader (the device beeps when I initialize it) but I can't get it to return any data through the driver or as a straight HID keyboard.

Further to this I just tried a generic USB keyboard and I couldn't get it to work either.

Any thoughts?



Yeah i think they may be a bug in the clear halt/reset endpoint function in the raspbian kernel. Could you try the following:

1. Download and install the latest server 1.9.1 for raspberry pi from my website
2. Download and install the latest client 2.4.6 and run the client
3. When the card reader appears in the client could you right click and select Custom Event Handler and paste in the following line:


then click ok and then right click the card reader again and select Custom Event Handler... and paste in the following line:


then click ok and then try to use your card reader and see if it work.


ok so I downloaded the new software and on my local machine everything is now working (with out the custom event handlers even).
The problem still exists on my virtual machine (with and without the custom event handlers).

I know that the VM could be a problem you don't want to deal with, but it's currently my development box and what I'm trying to get working. I appreciate the fact that you got it working locally at least. I'm trying to track down what could be the problem with the VM, but I'm not sure where to start looking. Other devices work (usb card printer, thumb drives, etc.) but this card reader and the keyboard just don't want to work on the VM.

They both show up in the device manager when I take control via the client and disappear when I release the devices so I know there is some stuff working, but data communications still seem to be a problem.



OK dont use the custom event handlers if you dont need to. What os is the vm?

That is how i mostly test virtualhere inside a vm so im surprised it doesnt work.


The OS is Windows Server 2008r2 Standard (x64)
How do I remove the custom event handlers once they are in place?
I can and have run as both a standard user and a local admin.


To remove the custom event handlers just say =remove to the event therefore:

Paste this line in the custom event handler for that device


And then paste this line to remove the other event handler:


I will download win2008r2 and see whats going on...


I tested on 2008r2 and didnt have an issue, i think there may be some config issue with your vm. if you could create a new one and see if its ok that would be a good test.