Synology Package Installation

<p>Dear all,
<p>I am unable to install the Server package on my DS 414 (DSM4.3). When I click the respective link a new page with cryptic code shows up. I tried to save it as a file but could not upload the file (unknown file Format). Am I missing anything?
<p>Any help is highly appreciated</p>


That should be an arm (armadaxp) architecture.

Could you try downloading version 1.9.1 from and then take a screenshot of the error and email me at mail [at] (mail[at]virtualhere[dot]com)

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thanks a lot for your quick response. The problem was that my browser for whatever reason thought the file was another web page and saved the file as ".htm". Renaming to ".spk" did the trick in terms of getting the server package running.

Now I am facing the next challange: What I want to do is to connect my PBX (standing close to the NAS) to my diskstation located in another room. When I tried to connect PBX and NAS via USB directly, VirtualHere identified the PBX but refused to establish a connection: "There was a error sharing this device". I then tried to connect a simple USB to COM converter (as the PBX also has a Serial port and the USB connection requires a special Driver anyway) but got the same message. Connecting to an USB stick works fine.

Any idea what might cause this problem?


I will create a new build for synology in the next few days that will give an error code as to why it cannot be shared...i will let you know when it is ready..