Non-GUI Linux Client

Hello Michael,

While trying the client on a Debian 7 (i386) VM I realized, that there seams to be no daemon / Non-GUI mode.
Since I would like to be able to use the Software in daemon mode on Linux:
1. Have I missed something or is it really not possible (now)?
2. Would it be possible to get a client which does run as a deamon on linux (much like the headless server for the Raspberry Pi)?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Dirk, yes daemon mode is supported ( i will update the docs)

nohup ./vhuiw32 -n &

Then to communicate with the daemon use the vhuiw32 binary for example:

./vhuiw32 -t "LIST" will show the available servers

Then follow the instructions here. Note also that messages are sent to syslog, and that when running as a service only purchased servers can be communicated with