Trying to use VirtualHere USB for viewing TV (Raspberry Pi)


I have installed the VirtualHere USB Server on my Raspberry Pi B+, so I connect my USB TDT to the Pi and to the antenna source, and then I can use the VirtualHere client on my laptop to virtually "connect" my USB TDT (which is plugged in to the Pi) and be able to view TV.

However, it goes so freaking slow that audio freezes continuously and I can not see image at all on my laptop.

I bought a powered USB hub, then connected my USB TDT to it and the hub to the Pi, but same result.

Why is this happening? Does not the Pi have enough power to transmit the USB signal to work fine?

Thank you


Yeah i think the pi is way too underpowered. You would need at least a board with a separate usb and ethernet buses. e.g bananapi.