iOS 8 Devices

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone has had any luck with iOS 8 devices? I've tried with a couple iOS 7 and Android devices and have been having good luck, but I haven't been able to get iOS 8 to work.

I know there are some hooks for onEnumeration and onBind that are automatically configured on the server. Possibly these need to be updated for iOS 8?



Thanks for the feedback, i will do some more testing on ios8 devices next week and see if i can find any issues...

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I think what you are saying is you cannot see your ipad air listed in the virtualhere client when the ipad is connected to the server running virtualhere? This almost certainly means the server and client cannot see each other. What is your setup? I.e your network is probably blocking bonjour broadcasts. Try directly specifing the IP address of the server in the virtualhere client "Specify Hubs" setting.