Raspberry Pi, SDR stick and SDR# for Windows

Hi everybody,

I have following setup:

* Raspberry Pi model B (512 MB / 700 MHz)
* RTL2838 DVB-T stick used for SDR
* Raspbian Jessie krnl 3.6.11+

* Windows 7 x64
* SDR# application for radio listening

My problem is that after finding device on RasPi and connecting it to Windows box (USE) it shows up correctly in device manager, but SDR# says no compatible devices found. When connecting the identical device directly to USB in the Windows box, everything works flawlessly. Also, driver installed is the same in either situation.

I found this discussion: https://www.virtualhere.com/node/198
Maybe my case is similar?

Thanks for help. I will try linux client version too.


Okay, I did another test with Linux on the client machine.
It worked well (actually, quite slowly), so the issue is somewhere in Windows. Any ideas?


My guess is the pi + windows is not fast enough for this. Could you download the virtualhere server for your linux machine and try sharing from there instead. If it works with the windows client then its very likely the pi being too slow..