Limit Client Functions


we want to use VirtualHere to share USB Software dongles. We already use a different product, but are not happy with some of its limitations.
One annoying feature is the auto connect, which is also provided by VirtualHere. Do you see any possibility to remove the Auto-Use and maybe other functions from the Client GUI, if possible controllable via the configuration file, to get a very limited Client?




That is a good idea and easy to add, i will add this to the next version of the client, due out in about 1 week.


Actually i pushed out the change quicker. Download 2.5.4 of the client. Then edit the vhui.ini file and add the setting HideMenuItems under the [General] section

Then add the names of the menu items to hide separated by commans e.g

HideMenuItems=License...,Check for Updates... to hide those items. You can also hide submenu items by adding those labels to this list

Hi Michael,

I tested your changes and it works as I need. Just one additional minor remark:
I use the following line:
HideMenuItems=Auto-Find Hubs,Specify Hubs...,Auto-Use All Devices,Debug Mode,License...,Check for Updates...,Auto-Use Devices on Hub,Rename...,Auto-Use Device,Auto-Use Port,Auto-Use Device/Port,Custom Event Handler...
This results in quite ugly menus, since many horizontal lines are not removed. This makes no difference from the functional point of view, it's only an "optical limitation".

Thanks and regards


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Yeah they are quite difficult to remove simply, due to the way its implemented, so for the time being they will still be there


is it maybe possible to have a ini at the server (for the HideMenuItems) or an other possibility to change it for everybody who will connect? Because otherwise I have to copy this ini file to a group of people.
And it would be nicer if not.
Thanks in advance



You can load the config.ini from a shared location by passing -c to the vhui binary. Then they all use the same ini file. However sometimes that file is changed by the client so they would all see the same changes e.g device nicknames..