Steinberg Elicenser Dongle / Synology Dsm 5.0

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Steinberg Elicenser Dongle / Synology Dsm 5.0

Hi , i have the License for my Raspberry Pi and all works fine but now i try to use it with my Synology DS3611xs and my client can found the dongle and start it , but when i try to get access on my licenses over the elicenser software , he cant find it ... i also use a ilok dongle with protools 10 and protools 11 and it work fine too ! its only the elicenser dongle , what can i do ?

btw , can i change my license from the raspberry pi to the synology ? because i cant use the raspberry anymore .
thank you .

Did you get the very latest

Did you get the very latest elicense software from here Perhaps update and give it another try.


Hi , thank you for the fast reply ;-)
yes i have a fresh new installed mac osx 10.9.5 macbook pro retina 15" , and all versions are the latest ;-) . i tried it today to use a PC with windows 8 too , same problem ;-(

I think the synology will not

I think the synology will not be compatible then until synology updates their kernel. The rasberry pi and synology use the exact same sourcecode and if one works and the other doesnt, it must be the kernel. You may have to wait for DSM 5.1. I have asked synology to update their kernel code a while back, hopefully they do it soon...

DSM 4.3

but i have the issue since 4.3 ? Thats why i bought the Raspberry , only to get a working system ;-( i think , there will be no big change on 5.1...
Could you ever try it with a USB-elicenser ? I cant find any posts/informations or that anybody tried it before ..

Yeah i think you will need to

Yeah i think you will need to keep using the raspberry...

Same problem

Hi Tigerbeatz, Michael,
I just installed yesterday and purchased a licence for my Raspberry Pi, and made a few tests with HDD, Microchip Pickit 3, some FTDI drivers RS-422/485/232, weather stations, iLok with Protools 10 & 11. Everything works perfectly ! Then I tried with my Steinberg Dongle for Nuendo and I got the same problem as tigerbeatz. Last drivers are installed, I use OSX 10.9.5.

So today I take my Raspberry on job location and plugged onto the local network, to try with the Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol keyboard. Maybe it could be interesting what's happened here : the keyboard is recognised by Komplete Kontrol, I can play notes, pitch bend and modulation, but the rotary knobs and the push buttons doesn't change any settings on the synth. Everything works ok when I plug the keyboard directly to the computer. The displays works fine, and when I change some parameters on the synth, they are changing onto the displays. It's like some functions/protocols seems to be "filtered" on the way...
I hope this information will be useful for you.

If either of you guys want to

If either of you guys want to give me access to port 7575 on your raspberry i will use my client to remotely try to figure out why the steniberg dongle isnt working.


hi michael , i sended you all information how to login to my hub and raspberry too ;-) hope you can help me out ;-)

Thanks got it, will take a

Thanks got it, will take a look...

OK it seems the elicenser is

OK it seems the elicenser is sending a non-standard usb command (specifically CLEAR HALT on an endpoint with a bmRequestType of 0x82) so for the time being this dongle wont be compatible with virtualhere...


i'm using a Raspberry Pi B+ for my VirtualHere USB-server. Two of my 4 dongles are working well with the windows client ("Codemeter" and "iLok 2"). The other ones are one ordinary FAT32 USB-stick for Waves-licenses (it works but I have to open up the "Disk Management" in windows first to make the system recognize the stick) and an eLicenser. The "eLicenser Control Center" recognizes the dongle and I am able to open up Cubase 8 Pro but when I try to load any of the "larger" Steinberg-plugins inside of Cubase (HalionSonic SE, Reverence, etc.) it freezes. I would instantly buy a full VH-license if this gets fixed ;-)

When you say it "freezes" is

When you say it "freezes" is that cubase you are talking about, or you are talking about virtualhere client or..?

Just Cubase freezes. But when

Just Cubase freezes. But when i plug the eLicenser directly into my Windows PC it doesn't freeze.

What I forgot to say: I had

What I forgot to say: I had the (less important) FAT32 problem with a xubuntu laptop as server. Maybe it works better with the RPi, I will try later.
And by the way VH is an awesome piece oft Software anyway! It is amazingly easy to set up and could replace a very expensive myUTN Dongleserver, which also has its problems. Big up for that! ;-) The eLicenser-Support would just make it perfekt..

Sorry for the multiple posts.

Sorry for the multiple posts. I was wrong about the FAT32 USB-Stick. It just takes a bare minute to get recognized and after that it works like a charm :-)

Can i get remote access to

Can i get remote access to your pi over port 7575 so i can try via my windows client to try to reproduce/fix the issue? If so send details to

An update for forum readers,

An update for forum readers, i tried to figure out why the elicense isnt working on windows also, however i cant figure it out either so it wont work on windows for the time being with virtualhere...

Any update on Elicenser?

I was going to pony up for license if I was able to use my home server as a hub so I could run cubase and my iLok on whichever machine I was using at the time but appears I am running it to the same problem as everyone else. Works great with other usb devices but not the one I really need it for unfortunately.

Any updates?

Actually virtualhere 3.0.9

Actually virtualhere 3.0.9 will work with elicenser on windows. (Elicenser via virtualhere on an osx client works with any server version). Im working on getting a fix into the latest virtualhere server version so it works with that also. There must have been a regression bug somewhere between 3.0.9 and 3.2.4....

here is 3.0.9

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