Gemalto USB crypto key

I made another test with VIRTUALHERE this morning
I'm working in a lawyer office in France.
Every lawyer in the country is given an USB Dongle which stores an individual certificate
This is used to communicate with the Courts and with the other lawyers in the country

It's quite complicated in my office since we are 15 lawyers
A lawyer is often working in another lawyer file and we loose a lot of time exchanging the keys between us.
So my idea was to plug all the keys in my raspberry pi and use Virtualhere to share them to everyone.

The good news is : it works !
When I click USE, the encryption software sees the USB DONGLE and sees the certificate in it
I can then communicate with the Courts.

The bas news is : it works only once
As soon as I click STOP USING, it's impossible to make a working connection again, even with the same USB dongle.
Indeed, the second time I connect to an USB Dongle, the encryption software sees the Dongle, but doesn't see any certificate in it
Rebooting the Virtualhere server software doesn't help
Rebooting the PI makes it work again
Very strange
Any idea how to fix this ?


Metallan, have you got the latest raspberrypi firmware via "sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade;sudo rpi-update;sync;sudo reboot" ? If not could you do that first and see if the problem is still there.