VirtualHere over WLan on raspberry


having a closer look on the OEM-Faq, I was able to get virtualhere running on a raspi in very short time :-)
Now I have fully access to my arduino.
Thanks Michael !!!

But the next step would be, to get wireless connection.
Can anybody tell me:
- is this is possible?
- can i take every usb-wifi adapter, or do i have to pay attention and buy a specific one?
- what changes do i have to make on the rasp-pi?

Thanks for any reply in advance


Hi Michael,

thx for quick answer.
Ok will have a look on the Adapters-page.

When the WiFi-adapter is working proper, do I have to make some changes on the VirtualHere-Server installation on the Raspi, to change the "binding" from LAN to WLan-interface?
Hope this was understandable?!


In the meantime I have found in my office a WiFi-Stick with a Ralink RT5370 Chipset. It was recognized from the Pi-OS, and shown with a yellow icon in the VirtualHere-Client.

Ignored Devices:
You want to tell me, that i shall configure the server, that it does not route the Wifi-Stick over Ethernet, right?

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I figured out the vendor and product id.
But, (as a linux newbie) I am really a little bit confused how to edit the config.ini. There are some questions, that make me fail:
- Where do i find the file on a RaspberryPi with wheezy?
- How can I stop the server to edit the file?


- config.ini is probably in /home/pi

- you stop the server either with ctrl+c if its running in the foreground. Or if its running the the background you need to send the TERM signal to the process id.

To get the process id:

ps -ef | grep vh

That will show it in the second column then

sudo kill <pid>

Then use vi to edit the config.ini

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found in the meantime in the www the following idea:
- sudo /etc/init.d/vhusbdpin stop
- sudo nano /root/config.ini
- sudo /etc/init.d/vhusbdpin start

Think, this is the script to start and stop the server?

After this, the entry of the Wifi-adapter dissapeared in the VirtualHere Client.
Now (tomorrow) I will go on setting up the wifi-connection.

Thanks for your help so far.

got it working :-)))

Arduino -> (USB) -> RasPi -> (WiFi) -> Router -> (LAN) -> W7-PC -> (virtual COM-Port) -> Arduino IDE

Thats great stuff. Will have to figure out the next days, how stable the connection will stay.

Thx for your great help.

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I am trying to do the same thing you are. I can connect to a flash drive connected to the raspberry pi.
When I plug in my Arduino the client can see it but applications on my windows 7 desktop cannot connect
to the Arduino.
How did you sole this problem?
Any help you can give would be most appreciated. My objective is to run my CNC from a remote desktop.
Thank you,