change mime?

Maybe this is a stupid question and deserves a stupid answer.. :D

i have following problem: finally i managed to get everything installed on my router in a way that i can download a file from the camera SD card.

unfortunately since it uses PTP protocol, the camera is hiding all files/folders it doesnt know. for instance, every folder not named like it does is hidden. every file that is not a video a photo or whatsoever is hidden too..

would it be possible to change the mime type of the executable so it shows up? and if it is possible, would it still be executable in Linux?




Thats great you got it downloading from the camera! Can you just rename the vhusbdmipssf file to file_01.jpg or something? So the camera thinks its an image? After you download the server from the camera, you can either just rename it back to its original name or you could directly execute the .jpg, as linux doesnt care about the filename, only its executable bit is set (via chmod +x)


already tried renaming to jpg... didnt work.. it looks at the mime of the file.. i will see if i find a way to edit the mime of existing files.. maybe it works.. :) who knows...


Im not familiar with the mime types? Is that a PTP thing? I couldnt find a reference to it. Ive only heard of mime types for email attachments etc. Anyway linux only looks at the header of the file and its executable bit to figure out if its a valid binary that can be run. All binaries are in ELF format in linux.


just managed to include the file in the image file! :) 7zip makes it 900 kb and by removing everything else it fits.. now i have to find a way to unpack it.. lol.. :D


WOoOoOoT?!?!?!? REALLY???? will test asap! this is great!


Tested in remote desktop and it works!!! tooooo coooool youre a champ! as soon as i am at home I will test the usb problem... does this file also have the 0.5 pause inside?


Ok will let you know asap! thanks!

how did you compress it so much? its 20% in size! Do you think it is possible to get another 150 kb out of it? if it would be possible then i could install the GUI on the router that i had to remove to make it fit..



No, i cannot make it any smaller that is the limit i think