Cannot connect Win 7 to ReadyNAS 516

Setup Server side of USB VirtualHere V 1.9.3.
Setup Client side on Win 7 (64 bit) with V 2.7.0. (Auto installed Bonjour)
Both machines rebooted.
When running my install software for an APC UPS, it cannot find the hardware.
The VirtualHere window shows
USB Hubs
ReadyNAS Hub
Back-UPS CS 650 FW:817 v9.1 USB FW:v9 (In use by you)
USB Disk
There is a yellow star to the left of the device.

Please help.


In Windows devices and printers, when you right click on the device and select properties what is the error code?


OK i am away for a few days, when i get back i will take a look at this...